How to: read this blog?

In my first post, I didn’t really say much about what this blog is about, so here’s the deal! Hope you like it!

I Heart Communications’ unique approach is to link widely spread communications concepts, insights and best practices to real-life situations, hoping to engage in Influential Interactions.

This blog captures and shares best practices and key learnings from a wide variety of experienced communications professionals  by linking them to trending topics. Hook-ups will mainly be what this young communications pro comes across in his daily life, ranging from worldwide issues to personal experiences relevant to anyone who is interested in communications.

My areas of interests are very wide. Topics will therefore certainly evolve around the Big 3 of the Communications Business – Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing – without losing sight of an Integrated Communications Approach. As I am addicted to Social Media, you can certainly expect some posts on that theme too! Furthermore, I have a particular interest in Semiotics and Applied Psychology and a weakness for Creativity and Innovation.

I will try to post something every other day, but don’t shoot me if I don’t ;). As the icing on the cake, I’ll invite a guest blogger about once a fortnight!

I see myself as a dynamic hands-on young communicator, passionate about and dedicated to the cause of spreading the ‘I Heart Communications’ message. I recently graduated from Uni, after having finished an advanced master’s program in Multilingual Business Communication. I’m therefore looking for a first job experience, preferably in an English-speaking country.

I hope you enjoy reading the posts and I’m looking forward to some possibly Influential Interactions,


PS, I’ll start posting “real” posts as of tomorrow 😉


About ChristianRemon

A young Communications Pro passionate about PR, Advertising, Marketing and Social Media. Very much into sports & music too! Interested in International Job Opportunities.

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