Gilette viral ad: Federer’s Robin Hood stunt: Fake or Real?

These days, viral videos  shoot out like mushrooms. Companies find them easy to execute, they don’t weigh on the communications/marketing budget, they almost certainly reach their target audience and generally evoke quite some buzz. However, brands often forget that the buzz is only about the ad – as a channel – not about the brand, adding little to no value to the brand’s awareness or reputation.

One of the most discussed viral ads of the moment is a short behind-the-scenes video shot during the making off a Gilette campaign, starring Roger Federer and a not-so-eager cameraman in a ‘Robin Hood vs the Apple’ scenario. Need I say more? Just watch and enjoy!

I believe the power of this viral video lies in the fact that it has initiated a discussion on whether or not Federer’s service is real. On the one hand, people want to believe it’s for real because they see Roger Federer as THE most talented tennis player of the world, on the other hand, people are well-aware of theendless possibilities of video editing, possibly fooling the mob.

I convinced myself to believe it because I think Roger Federer is one the most gifted modern gladiators alive!
So, what do you reckon? Share your toughts!


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A young Communications Pro passionate about PR, Advertising, Marketing and Social Media. Very much into sports & music too! Interested in International Job Opportunities.

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