Tipp-Ex erases Federer’s video: THE interactive viral video of the moment & its keys to success!

In my last post, I wrote about Gilette’s magnificent viral video starring Federer. Well, forget about it! Tipp-ex recently released the most appealing interactive viral video I’ve ever seen! Check it out!

Pretty impressive, hu?! The video was released 26 August and has been viewed over 3 million times. According to the French ad agency Buzzman, producers of the video, there are already more than 40 alternative ends. Have you tried typing ‘moonwalking’ ;-)?

But what exactly are the key factors to success?

1. Interactivity: at the end of the first video the viewer must decide about the bear’s faith by clicking one or the other button. In the second video the viewer can make up an alternative end by changing the video’s title. This is exactly what viral marketing is about: involving people! You use people to spread your message. People want to be involved and engaged! Don’t forget that the people’s voice is one of the most powerful marketing tools ever! Use this wisdom wisely and you shall be rewarded! 

2. Link with core business: in a truly fascinating way, Tipp-Ex has succeeded in connecting the channel to the message and the company’s core business, ‘correcting’. In this case, Tipp-ex allows you to write (first video) and rewrite (second video) the story. Noticed the link with the brand’s slogan ‘Write and rewrite’?

3. Product visibility: It is not until the second video that the PocketMouse makes its entrance. In fact, the first video shows no sign of a product of any kind (the contrary would have a baleful influence on the viral video). Although the Tipp-Ex Pocketmouse is visible from the start of the second video, the viewer at first sight doesn’t pay attention to it – let alone he is bothered by it. It is not until the hunter steps out of the video to grab the Pocketmouse to rewrite the story that the viewer focuses on the product. Wooow!!! So subtle, yet so effective!

4. Endorsement effect of Social Media: with viral marketing the key is the ‘buzz potential’.  Successful campaigns create that amount of buzz because the content is uniquely engaging and causes the urge of individuals to share it. Admit it, after having rewritten the story, you immediately shared the video on one or more of your social media accounts, didn’t you? 🙂

The viral marketing campaign has already been a great success! Hopefully their sales follow the same path of success! They sure as hell deserve it! 🙂

If you are interested in finding out more about viral marketing, do read Kevin Allen’s ‘Viral Marketing 100 Success Secrets’.

Btw, I wonder if the developers got their inspiration from the successful serie ‘Mad Men’? 


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