Professional networking on Facebook

To connect with people, you have to meet them on their own grounds. This is what Monster must have thought when developing Beknown. Beknown is a professional networking application, which allows people to network at the place where they spend most of their time online: on Facebook.

While online professional networking is relatively well-established because of LinkedIn, BeKnown might have a better chance at reaching certain target groups who haven’t found their way to LinkedIn yet. One of those groups, and an interesting one at that, is the group of young potentials. Though a lot of them are not (or not very) active on LinkedIn, most of them are very Facebook-savvy. Through BeKnown, organizations can tap into this talent source.


Beknown prides itself on being different from the rest, mainly because Monster has used an on-Facebook approach and developed a Social Referral Program (SRP), which encourages BeKnown users to pass along specific jobs through their BeKnown network.

At first side, Beknown seems like a fun and useful application, though it remains to be seen whether it will manage to overcome the competition…


NOTE: Monster is a client of Porter Novelli, but of course, the opinions in this blogpost are entirely my own.


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A young Communications Pro passionate about PR, Advertising, Marketing and Social Media. Very much into sports & music too! Interested in International Job Opportunities.

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