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Professional networking on Facebook

To connect with people, you have to meet them on their own grounds. This is what Monster must have thought when developing Beknown. Beknown is a professional networking application, which allows people to network at the place where they spend most of their time online: on Facebook.

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First European PR Job Seeker of the Week

Hello all!

I am pleased to announce you that I am PR Job Seeker of the Week on Gen-Y PRogress, Lauren Novo’s PR blog. She informed me I was the first European PR Job Seeker she published, which makes me of course very proud!

Every week she gives a young graduate (or soon-to-be graduate) the chance to explain why he/she is a talented PR pro that deserves a chance. Next to that, she blogs about various topics concerning the PR business, ranging from social media issues to some of her more personal experiences.

Lauren’s blog was launched in September 2009 and has been up and running for over a year (hence her recent celebration post). Already, she was received national recognition in the USA by PR Daily, Brazen Careerist and top industry leaders and bloggers. Moreover, In March, she won a ‘judges award’ through the Florida Public Relations Association. In June 2010, her blog was nominated as best up-and-coming in the PR Readers Choice Awards! Quite impressive, hu?!

She is absolutely worth following on Twitter and adding to your blogroll!

Hope you enjoy the article! And tell me, what’s your opinion? What’s well written? What’s bad about it? What should I have emphasized more/less?

Looking forward to some useful tips!

Top 5 songs to listen to before a job interview

Whether you are the coolest person on earth or the most stressed rabbit that ever hopped around, everybody is nervous for a job interview, especially if it is one of your firsts… Sweaty hands, self-confidence hitting rock bottom, checking what time it is every five seconds, your heart beating out of your chest, your blood rushing to the head, … The stress is omnipresent!

So before I leave the house, or even better, on the way to the interview I take the time to listen to these songs. If it’s necessary I’ll even sing along (though I’m sure you don’t want to hear that!)! You’ll be amazed by the therapeutic and calming effects!

Tina Turner – Simply the best

R Kelly – World’s greatest

Marvin Gaye – Ain’t no mountain high enough

Luther Vandross – Ain’t no stopping us now

Snap – The power

And here’s one to feel better in case you didn’t survive the selection process… 😉

Gloria Gaynor – I will survive